Saturday, January 10, 2009

Uncanny coincidence

I'm reading a book by Milton Glaser called Drawing is Thinking.

It's a collection of Glaser's drawings, and there is an interview with him. There are no captions to the illustrations, you are meant to make connections yourself. He has a lot of interesting things to say. Here is one I like:
What is most important to me about the act of drawing is that you become aware or conscious of what you are looking at, only through the mechanism of trying to draw it. When I look at something, I do not see it unless I make an internal decision to draw it. Drawing it, in a state of humility provides a way for truth to emerge.
I finish reading the introduction to the book. I then go to my computer and visit, a Website I just learned about. There are thousands of videos on this site and I select one at random. It's a presentation by David Macaulay whose name is familiar, but I'm not certain why.

The video begins with Macaulay saying this:
I draw to better understand things. Sometimes I make a lot of drawings and still don't understand what it is I'm drawing.

Two books. Both about illustration. Both about how drawing influences the way we see and think.

I enjoy coincidence. This is one of the more interesting and meaninful ones. In the video Macaulay talks about how he went about designing a book of illustrations entitled Rome Antics.

I will certainly buy the book, but Macaulay also gave me an idea that relates to my first post on the SyQuest and iPod. But for that I'll need to do more thinking ... and drawing.

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